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This is the meditation program you have never seen before! We are having fun challenges with prizes for our community! As the community grows, so will the prizes! As soon as you join you will get this graphic to share with your friends, and as your friends join you get entries to the draws!

Easily Access Higher Frequencies

Step into a realm of profound transformation and inner peace with our subscription plan for access to all our soul-enriching meditations. Imagine effortlessly immersing yourself in the highest frequencies of love, peace, abundance, joy, and enlightenment, all from the comfort of your own space.

With our Soulfully Aligned Women App, these transformative experiences are just a tap away, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility, day or night.

Each guided meditation is accompanied by captivating visuals, enhancing your journey into self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Plus, with a new meditation added to your library every month, your path to personal evolution continues to expand. Join us on this sacred journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and unlock the limitless potential that resides within you.

Opening the Gateway

Meditations to open and activate your heart. This is your gateway to your highest wisdom, your creative flow and powerful guidance. This soulful alignment is foundational for the growth, awakening and upleveling of your energy.

Light Code Activations

Meditations that will bring through the light codes that will help you awaken and quantum leap to higher levels of consciousness more quickly.

Quantum Field Expansion

As you continue to align your heart with the heart of the Universe and the heart of Mother Earth, your energetic capacity expands and you are able to hold more and more light frequency. This will reflect all around you in your life.

The Sanctuary on the App

The Sanctuary is all on our new app: Soulfully Aligned Women. Once you sign up, go to the App Store on your iphone and download the app. Sign in and you are ready to listen to all the meditations!

Special note for Android users. The app is still getting approved on Androids but you can still get it. Just sign up then send us a note at [email protected] and we will get you in through a back door. Please note it will take 24 hours to get it set up but you will be good to go. And you will be helping us get it into the Google app store more quickly! We are almost there and this is very exciting!

You will also have automatic access to the free program on the app, with art workshops, more meditations and masterclasses.

Enjoy meditations on receiving abundance, activating your own empowerment, grow your self worth, cleansing and clearing your energy, relieve anxiety, bring in more peace and joy, light code activations and more! Each month a new meditation is added into your library.

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