Your 6 Week Challenge!

This challenge follows my Enchantment in Action program which is a unique system to achieve your own individual soulful practice, without spending hours meditating. You will be guided through each day of the 6 weeks, step by step, towards more soul alignment along with expanding into your radiance!

The Game Changer!

Creativity and mindflow are keys to opening the flow of energy that will turn you into enchantment in action!
The game changer is spending half your committed time each day on your soul alignment, with the other half of the time on your mindflow, while we sprinkle in creative flow.
Let's light a fire beneath you and help your become an energetic match to an extraordinary life!
Your Own APP!

Consistency with this program is made easy with everything at your fingertips! Just tap into your app each morning for your guided instructions!

This program will be accessed through your own Soulfully Aligned Women APP!

Creative Flow

Creative flow opens your gateway into deeper connections with your soul. Enjoy painting with Janice in our 3 group calls, where you activate empowering words and symbols within you. There is no experience needed for these painting sessions and you can use the supplies you have to have fun and open the creative flow!

Includes Live Group Coaching & Private Community!

You are supported all through your 6 week journey. Included in this program is 3 live calls with Janice. You have the option to join our live group zoom calls with Janice for to paint together, answer questions, discussion and guidance!

And right in the app we have our own private community of kindred spirits. Ask questions, check in and


“Janice and the Reclaim Your Radiance experience is a “Re-Weaving of reality! Janice has a way of bringing form and non-form together weaving in imagery and lightness. In this program you can bring awareness back to where it has maybe been forgotten or pushed aside. Every aspect of this experience was incredible but I especially loved the journal prompts and the invitation they brought forward to dive a little deeper, look inside and see what message was truly there to embrace! I plan on revisiting this practice often to see what new layers expose themselves.” Mikea Knopp, Idaho

“Love the Reclaim your Radiance app! Powerful! ❤️  I love the app so much! I definitely listen to it at different times of the day because it brings me such peace. I highly recommend this class and app! I use it every day, and sometimes more than once a day” - Karen Gillette, Idaho

“I’m totally loving the app! I couldn’t recommend this program more; it's been fantastic at keeping me on track and honoring “the moment”. I have been doing many programs with Janice over many years and this is just another winner. ❤️something I will continue to practice everyday.- Kimberly Berner, Ontario

“I listen 2-3 times per day! I love it! I can not say it enough how much this program and app, having Janice in my ear wherever I go, has helped me navigate some really difficult times right now! I am so incredibly grateful for Janice and her creation.” - Lori C., Alberta

“The app really helped. It was so easy to plug into it each day I found myself being much more consistent. I began to take more notice of my thoughts and feelings during each day. Two things: I've had a tendency throughout my life to push down my feelings - especially anger or hurt. Three decades ago I created a personal mantra during an experiential training: "I am a loving, joyful, powerful woman." Of course it has frequently slipped my mind, this program brought it front & center in my mind again. And I know, more than ever, that the Universe supports me in everything I undertake. I definitely will be going through the entire program again, this time giving more time & thought to the journaling aspect. Thank you, Janice! ♥️ - Susan Woodward, Mexico

Join Today!

Payment Plans Available - just reach out for that link.

Welcome to the New Paradigm!

After you follow this 6 week challenge you will be living from your newly activated sacred soul center where your higher wisdom, guidance and inspiration are accessed. This is the new paradigm emerging now, one where we are realizing that our soul connection in life has been the missing piece and is exactly where you can Reclaim Your Radiance!

The Program is on Your App!

When you join you will get started on your own app right away! Just download Soulfully Aligned Women from your app store. Everything will be on your app except our live group coaching calls and creative gatherings. These will be held on zoom. But you can access the zoom link on your app too!

I am so excited to get started with you!

Let's do this together!

Karen's Power Words

“Love the Reclaim your Radiance app! Powerful!

I love the app so much! I definitely listen to it at different times of the day because it brings me such peace. I highly recommend this class and app! I use it every day, and sometimes more than once a day”  - Karen Gillette, Idaho

Christal's Creative Power

This has totally helped me be more consistent. Yes!!!! 

I know it is at my fingertips, I do not have to search for a guided meditation or journal prompt from other apps I have used for this purpose, it has been less work and I just step into it and do it. There is no excuse nor waste of time. As a result, I have shown up consistently every day! It requires me to get up earlier than I would normally and I love sleep so really, that is a big step in my mind! PLUS - less decision making is amazing because decision fatigue is a thing for me!

I loved the meditations! I gained some new tools and applications for the tools. Seeing new applications allows you to consider things you may not have considered prior, opening up your mindflow!

I have consistently shown up! And it has helped me not revert back into old patterns.

With regards to the daily prompts, sometimes you hear the right thing at the exact right time you need to hear it and that synchronicity was noticed as I progressed through the past 6 weeks. And there were great reminders that I am more powerful than I might believe! 

The bonus template to blast through limiting beliefs was delightful. I have been really focusing on abundance and living in that space more now. 

I found that I really looked forward to the zoom painting classes. I do not consider myself a painter by any means so I am not sure it was that painting or the gathering with like minded individuals. 

Janice, I really enjoyed Reclaim Your Radiance. Thank you! 

I do think it has opened me up to new possibilities and of course helped me stay consistent with a morning practice which I needed, and see tremendous value in. I need to expand it a bit and plan to do that my next go round.” - Christal G. Alberta

Get Creative with Janice!

Our regular creative zoom gatherings helps you take the time to get into your creative flow! It brings us together to chat, check in with each other, ask questions and get a little coaching from Janice! And as Christal says:

"Having support from women I don't really know at all was also delightful in our last zoom call. It is so important to be reminded that support may come from unexpected spaces and I noticed after that all the ways I was supported unexpectedly so it opened my view to look for the ways we are unexpectedly supported."