You Have Reclaimed Your Radiance!

Now Here is the Next Step!

You have created your sacred soul practice and deepened your relationship with your soul.

You have walked the 6 week challenge and felt the fire within you become more and more activated and have felt your empowerment rise up.

(If not be sure to click the image at the left to check that program out.)

And now you are wondering, what comes next?

Where do I go from here?

Navigating your soul journey means surrendering to this greater part of you.

Are you asking....

Why did I come here to this life, at this time?

What does my soul desire for me?

How do I activate my soul gifts?

By the end of this program you will know how to make decisions that direct the flow of your life!

You will deepen into your most primal divine feminine that will guide you into the flow of love.

You will be living your life from this radiance within you!

P.S. Reclaim Your Radiance is not required before enrolling in this new program.

What will this program hold for you?

We will be calling in the collective of women, of divine feminine, of the goddesses, the priestesses, the grandmothers who were here before us. We do not do this alone. And our meditative activating journey will be calling in all your past gifts from previous lifetimes into here and now!

We will be scanning and clearing any resistance, discovering what your soul wants for you. We will be turning the magic all the way up with high frequency love, reverence and clearing the lines, flushing out the resistance and opening up to the sacred energy running through you.

We will be embodying the sacred union of divine feminine and divine masculine, working with creation energy to become a powerful magnetic manifestor, collapsing old timelines and anchoring in your visions.

All of this through......

Meditation Journey Activations

We will be going so deep each week with meditative journeys that will call back your power across all time, space & dimension, activate your soul gifts from all previous lifetimes as well as the powerful energy of this one, pin point resistance and clear it away, find your soul voice, anchor in and embody your soul visions for your purpose in this life, stay aligned with your soul, collapse old timelines and access your sacred union so that your manifestations are quickly. These are deep, powerful activations you will be guided through each week.

Painting together, opening the creative flow!

Our calls will be opening and clearing chakras to create a clear channel of energy through your entire energy field, especially the lower chakras connected with the ancient primordial feminine.

And so we will be painting this Heal the Heart Womb painting together in inspired ways on our final call together.

Sacred Space to Call in the Collective Ocean of Divine Feminine Support

This is deep sacred work that we are doing and we will be accessing the divine feminine beings who will come through on the other side to help us remember our power, tap into our gifts and all the ancestral lineage gifts available to us. You will be activating dormant, and/or forgotten gifts from all time, space and dimension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does this happen?

Monday May 27th at 1-3pm Mountain Time. This will be a live zoom call that will be recorded.

How many sessions are there?

There are 4 live calls each Monday through June, same time, with a final painting workshop together on June 24th. Each call will be approximately 2 hours long.

What supplies do I need?

You will be given journal prompts to work through each week so a journal would be helpful. The painting workshop supplies will be given to you in the first class, however, it will be acrylics on a canvas that is approximately 20"x20"

What if I can't make some calls?

Everything will be recorded and placed in the Soulfully Aligned Women app for you to have lifetime access.