The Inner Circle of the Soulfully Aligned Woman

Access your fully embodied magnetic magic of being a soulfully aligned woman. She is already within you and is waiting to emerge.

A soulfully aligned woman walks in balance with all aspects of her full being. She is unhindered by outside forces, walking in her empowerment. She is a creator, the artist of her own life, powerful & strong yet gentle & wise at the same time. Miracles follow her as she walks. She is tapped into unseen forces, tuned into the whispers of the Universe. She is confident and feels so worthy of all the desires of her heart.

She holds access to all the keys of her soul and her possibilities are infinite. She designs the life of her dreams, the business of her dreams, the relationships of her dreams.

She is already in you. Your higher consciousness who is accessed through your heart and walks the path of the divine feminine is available to you now.

You have found your way here for a reason. Nothing is by coincidence, it is all part of the divine plan. The time is now.

Hi, I'm Janice

I am a modern creative mystic, divine channel and spiritual mentor. I bring through light codes that help us all elevate into our divine potentiality as powerful manifestors and leaders who walk the path of the divine feminine.

My mission is to activate soul driven women into their highest potential, so that they live a life of freedom, fulfillment and wealth.

Beautiful soul, if you have found your way here then I profoundly believe your soul magic has called out to me and led you here. When we walk together we energy expands exponentially. This is the magic of working with a creative mystic mentor.

Are you ready to take everything to the next level? Imagine walking with me shoulder to shoulder for the next 4 months. You have access to me every week day for 16 weeks! This is abundance!

If energetics is your next move then let's talk. This power together will bring you into resonance of your true power, embody your soul’s wealth and thrive!

Walk With Me

This program is your key to divine and physical abundance!

If you are ready to unlock your full potential then click the link and join me on a call to see if we are the right fit to walk together!

This exclusive 1:1 journey with me is $4444, and brings through your own personal transformational journey of becoming an energetic match to your desires.

This is not for everyone, so be sure to book a call with me so we can chat about your personal journey.

You get a total of 10 private zoom calls with me,

Text/voice messages available daily (M-F)

A personal invite to the next Mastermind session with other private clients.

The 3 Keys to Becoming the Magnetic Magic of a Soulfully Aligned You


Your deepest & truest alignment with source activates your magic. And your magic comes from aligning with the source of all that is. The I AM presence. Access to your highest wisdom, inspiration & guidance clears your energy field for alignment in every action. Your soul is aligned with the desires in your heart and your gifts you bring with you on this earth walk journey. This is where quantum energy is sourced from. We recognize energy, and frequency are the foundation of all our manifestations.


Your heart is the gateway to your magic. Awakening your heart codes opens you to all your potentiality and possibilities. All light codes come through your heart and these activations will help you clear old codes of fear blocking your heart to the powerful flow of your soul.

As we work together day by day the old codes will be revealed allowing you to release and clear creating more space for guidance and intuition.


Mastering your walk in womanhood, walking in your divine feminine power, and walking softly in empowerment with reverence and integrity leads the way for women to follow you and for you to feel worthy of all the gifts of the Universe. Remembering your own innate divine potential and standing in firm belief of who you are, your source and your mission will bring you into alignment with your aligned power! This is the magnetic magic of the Soulfully Aligned Woman.

Your Personal Journey