Create Space for You!

Come join me to paint together through the month of November!

We will meet November 2, 9, 16 & 30th

1:30pm - 3pm Mountain Time

Paint our theme of owls or paint whatever your heart is calling out to you for.

This is the time intentionally blocked out for you, for sinking into your creative flow and communing with your soul. Come and paint the theme of the month or just create what your heart is calling forth.

When Women Gather Energy Radiates

A while ago I heard this from spirit. When we gather together in circle, and especially when we sit in creative circles, we are creating change! The change is not only healing those of us in the circle, but we are helping to heal the earth, and hold space for the world as we navigate our way through times of change.

Owl Theme for November

November is the perfect time to sink into the energy of owl. Owls are courageous, can help support us as we dream bigger, and can see through the darkness!

Your Painting as a Portal

As you allow your creative flow more time to be playful, your inspiration expands and the guidance becomes easier to sense.

Reconnect, Replenish, Receive

Receive from creating intentional space for your manifestations to come through. Rejuvenate and fill up your bucket with a bit of 'me' time.

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Welcome to Soulfully Aligned Women! Meet Janice Gallant!

Janice Gallant is an artist, writer, creative mystic and a guide for women’s personal empowerment. Soulfully Aligned Women was created by Janice as she worked to integrate creative flow, manifesting and personal empowerment in her walk as a mystic. She has always had a strong connection to her mystic within, and has learned to fine tune this connection for manifesting a life full of creativity, and abundance. Her book, The Creation Guild, was written as a guide for all creative souls to help them refine their own craft of consciously creating in their life. Her journey into this mystic path began back in 1995 when she trained under a shaman for several years. She continued to lean into her psycho-spiritual development and self-actualization journey under many other teachers through the years. Janice mentors women in their own self-awareness growth and offers online painting workshops and programs that access personal empowerment. Her current certification program The Soulfully Aligned Creative Mystic is a beautiful 9 month journey of the inner path of discovery to the deepest depths of your soul. It is a sacred journey of unleashing your creative mystic within, learning how to channel, and how to bring your own gifts to the world.

You can contact Janice through her email at [email protected] view her website at or follow her on FB and Instagram at @soulfullyalignedwomen and @janicegallantart