Painting Your Soulfully Aligned Mountain Energy

Stand in your soulfully aligned power center

Mountain Energy reminds us that we have a resilience within us that grounds us into our soulful heart center.

And we have access to this whenever we choose.

Sometimes we forget. We give so much to others that we have no time for our own soul time. When we are not soulfully aligned we are following the logical mind, instead of our intuitive heart.

How do you walk soulfully aligned? How do you stay in this power of heart-awareness, of the deep inner knowing?

When I am not walking as a soulfully aligned woman, I feel anxious, unsure and like I am swirling on a merry-go-round that is out of my control. I feel exhausted, drained and angry that I can't take the time to come back to my center.

But this is my left brain, rational brain that tells me there is too much to do, that I need to be responsible, not so selfish and just stop acting like a child.

The truth is we always have choices. And when we stand in our grounded strength like a mountain, we find our boundaries within our life that honour our own soul.

Painting mountains will remind you, it will bring you home, ground you into your power once again so that you can view your life through the perspective of your soul, bring you back to your present intuitive mind, and remember your truth as an infinite being having a human experience.

This is the journey of the soulfully aligned woman; remembering your truth, power and grounding into your heart to live from here, as the old way is just not working for us anymore.

Join me Sunday January 8th - 12pm - 4pm MT

Your Instructor

Janice Gallant, B.Ed
Janice Gallant, B.Ed

Hi, I'm Janice

I am the guide for women like you, who want to walk in their magnetic magic and be the artist of their life.

I bring through light codes and channeling that help us all elevate into our divine potentiality

as powerful manifestors and leaders who walk the path of the divine feminine.

Beautiful soul, if you have found your way here then I profoundly believe your soul magic has called out to me and led you here.

I work with spirit to awaken women into their divine feminine energy,

bringing a higher consciousness and deeper embodiment of love to our world.

I know if you are here this resonates with your heart's truth and we are here on this earth, at this time together for a purpose.

Women who gather together radiate a light that is so bright it creates ripples and radiates out all around them.

Miracles happen in this light. I am so happy you are here.

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