Dream & Journey 2 - Your Own Journey

An Online, Self-Paced Course of Manifesting with Mandalas

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This online workshop will guide you as you journey to raise your vibration and manifest through your creative flow!

It will speak directly to your heart! Your soul will remember what you came here to do!

Manifesting your heart's desires is all about frequency first and your creative flow is the sweet spot! This workshop is all about creating the energy first, for your dreams to manifest. Each painting and mandala will be infused with the clear intentions of what your heart is desiring. This energy will exude out into your space and attract your dreams to manifest filled with joy, peace, health and abundance!

You will get two full painting workshops, along with The Energy of Vision Workshop, Dream Mandala Workshop, and my Manifesting Mandala Course! You also get my workshop The Art of Consciously Creating & it's workbook as a bonus in the beginning!

Dream & Journey will help you become a master manifestor. You will be guided through:

  • clarifying your heart's desires - get crystal clear and truthful about what you want
  • finding your passion - what lights you up?
  • uncovering your purpose - we are all here for a purpose.
  • opening to receiving through the creative flow of the Universe - open up those gateways to receive!
  • believing in your ability to make money doing what you love - give yourself permission!
  • and healing your relationship with money - so much here!
  • all while having fun being creative!

You do not need to have any painting experience at all! I will teach you step by step through video instruction.

This Dream & Journey #2 is the same as my original Dream & Journey but without live group calls. You can set your own pace as you work through each module, becoming more and more in control of what is manifesting in your life!

A supply list through a video will be given to everyone as they enroll.

Week #1 The Energy of Vision Workshop - What do you want? You will begin with clarifying your heart's desires through a guided journey meditation, journal prompts, creative art journal activities. Once you have gained clarity on what you want to create in your life you will begin painting your own arrow of intention. You will be given guidance on how to believe in your heart's desires and what it means to vibe with it.

Week #2 - Dream Mandala Workshop - As you move forward, you will create your own personal dream mandala! Your dream mandala holds your clear intentions of everything you want to create in your dream life! You will have a crystal clear vision and dream mandala ready for the upcoming portal of universal energy as it becomes the wind at your back.

Week #3 - Manifesting Mandala Workshop - This week you begin your Manifesting Mandala journey in your art journal where you will learn the 9 key aspects to manifesting. These are the foundation of your ability to manifest quickly and shift energy in your life. After this week you will be on your way to identifying your limiting beliefs that may be interfering with your intentional manifesting, You will learn the importance of reframing your beliefs, and exactly how to do this for each of your limiting beliefs. The manifesting mandala is a creative container for all this information, that you can hang up in your space as a daily reminder of the sweet spots to manifesting quickly in your life. Surrender, empowerment through intentions, and inspiration are all the topics this week.

Week #4 - Mandala Painting infused with your intentions - This week you will stay in your creative flow while you create a beautiful mandala painting! Your painting will hold the energetic vibration that will exude out all your intentions into your room! You will be surrounded with your clear intentions vibrating out all around you, and now will know the important next steps to continue on the path of co-creating your life with intention day after day, year after year!

NEW Week #5 - It's all about Frequency - Explore the energy of sacred geometry. This week we will explore how the sacred geometry of The Seed of Life and The Flower of Life are the energetic blueprint to creating in your life.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Getting Clear on your dreams
  • Guided Visioning Meditation
  • Inner child painting exercise to help you remember why you came here.
  • Journal prompts to help you find your vision and gain clarity of what you want to create in your life.
  • My Energy of Vision Painting Workshop - a full painting workshop to paint your arrow, infusing your clear intentions & visions into your painting.
  • My Manifesting Mandala Workshop with mandala templates - a workshop that teaches your everything you need to know about manifesting your dreams.
  • My full Dream Mandala Workshop - creating your mandala with your own dream intentions infused in it.
  • Mandala Painting Workshop - a beautiful mandala painting that will vibrate out the energy of your intentions into your space!
  • The Art of Consciously Creating workshop
  • Our private FB group where you can ask me any questions and connect with me as needed.


  • The Dream Catcher Painting Workshop
  • Your Manifesting Journey Video Series
  • Sacred Geometry

Your Instructor

Janice Gallant, B.Ed
Janice Gallant, B.Ed

Hi, I'm Janice

I am the guide for women like you, who want to walk in their magnetic magic and be the artist of their life.

I bring through light codes and channeling that help us all elevate into our divine potentiality

as powerful manifestors and leaders who walk the path of the divine feminine.

Beautiful soul, if you have found your way here then I profoundly believe your soul magic has called out to me and led you here.

I work with spirit to awaken women into their divine feminine energy,

bringing a higher consciousness and deeper embodiment of love to our world.

I know if you are here this resonates with your heart's truth and we are here on this earth, at this time together for a purpose.

Women who gather together radiate a light that is so bright it creates ripples and radiates out all around them.

Miracles happen in this light. I am so happy you are here.

Visit my website at https://janicegallant.com/


"This is a powerful course! I had my new car show up in my life right after I finished my Dream Mandala and I previously had no idea how this would happen! This stuff works!" Danielle L.

"Everything in my life has changed since I learned about the energy under my manifesting! Thank you Janice!" Cheryl S.

“Well.. 2 days ago I was upset that I would probably have to cancel my next course with you.
On Tuesday my husband lost his job at …. that sinking sickening feeling came rushing back from 5 years ago when he was let go from his previous job. That feeling like everything is coming crashing down around you. It’s horrible.
All I could think of was “my job will not pay our bills”… and why… WHY does this happen when we were doing so well the last few months and finally getting ahead!! But then I thought about it more and it became clear what was happening…..

Sunday and Monday I worked on completing a dream mandala that my husband and I were creating together, I just felt the pull to write more and finish it. I also wrote in my journal for quite some time and I wrote a letter to the Universe… then I decided to practice my new skills at surrendering to the Universe (thank you 😉).

I asked for a sign, guidance… for someone to tell us, show us, what we were supposed to do with all our worries & stress around my job, my husband’s job and our house.

I finished everything Monday night.

Tuesday morning hubby gave his resume to a guy he had be talking to from a welding shop, as things at his current job had been rocky since the beginning of the year, he decided it couldn’t hurt to start looking around.
Tuesday at lunch time he was layed off & things gradually got worse for me at work this week too!! I was a complete mess.
But then…Wednesday he got a call from his resume.
And this morning he was offered the job… with a nice increase in pay for him to go with it 🙌
To make things better, after I had also been wondering if I should just have a job change too…my boss called me into her office at the end of today and offered to give my husband $500 for some work he had done around my workplace and told me that they would pay him from now on when he helps out… also I should get my old job position back this Fall (like I had been praying for). 🙌
Oh and can’t forget! We decided to put our home up for sale (something we have been thinking about for a year now) and buy a much smaller home again… with an even smaller mortgage payment so that we can enjoy life and live our dream life!
So, it’s been one heck of a week… and just like with my very first dream Mandala… everything changed within 2 days ❤
My whole point is that YOU are a miracle worker Janice.
Without any of the tools I now have, thanks to you, I wouldn’t be able to create the perfect life so easily.
Thanks to you I know how to make things change if I need them to. I know how to create HUGE shifts, how to center myself during times of great stress and worry… how to keep myself connected and back on the right path.
I always know now that I can have anything I dream of and the Universe is always listening and always ready to help.
I’m so grateful for you and all your guidance these last few years, so with all my heart I wanted to say a BIG Thank you ❤💕❤💕❤
I’ll stop rambling now, because my eyes are all wet and blurry “😘💖 Joanna C.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course begins March 14th and goes until April 11th. Everything is recorded for you so it can be reviewed and you can go through it all as many times as you want.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. And if I add more modules in the future you will have free access to them also! Once you are in - you are in!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
What supplies will I need?
As soon as you enroll you will be directed to the course, and in there is a video and list of supplies that we will use.

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